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Application Outsourcing Services

Applications drive a company's business processes--but the challenges of supporting heterogeneous application environments are increasing. Through application outsourcing, we industrialize application development, maintenance and support to align IT investments with a client's strategic imperatives, which can reduce costs by as much as 50 percent.

Application Outsourcing Services: Overview

Blumaes Application Outsourcing takes application outsourcing to the next level, helping clients to increase value derived from their IT investments. Application outsourcing solutions offered by Blumaes includes:
• Application Management - Ongoing and continuous support of an existing application sets.
• Application Development and Maintenance - Full spectrum of development, implementation and continuous management services for new and existing set of applications.
• Design, Build, Run - Complete lifecycle development, management and support for new, custom or packaged applications, well beyond the initial implementation.

Application Testing Services

Blumaes strongly believes that quality is driven throughout the application design, development and implementation lifecycle and that it cannot be "tested in? at the end of the lifecycle but must be planned, analyzed, designed, developed and tested into the application.
Blumaes' Application Testing Services drive quality throughout the application design, development and implementation lifecycle. We collaborate with stakeholders to optimize upstream activities, such as Requirements Management, Release Management and Software Configuration Management, and then validate the design, functionality and performance of the application through test execution. We can help you develop a solid focus on application testing that can maximize value from your IT investment. Our end-to-end testing approach includes testing strategy, execution and management, combined with an optimal mix of industrialized processes, patented assets and Blumaes's world-class delivery professionals.
We provide clients with access to dedicated testing specialists with testing professionals throughout Blumaes's testing practice.
• Companies who are leveraging testing services are reaping tangible benefits:
• 55 percent reduction in costs of test execution
• 2-fold increase in tester productivity for both creating test scripts and executing test plans
• Improvement in speed-to-market
• More than 83 percent reduction in the number of critical defects introduced into production
• Less than one percent production defects
• Reduction in cost of poor quality to around 10 percent of total project cost

Blumaes Software Technology

Blumaes Software design, develop and implement industry-focused software solutions to help organizations meet their business goals and objectives. Our unmatched combination of software and industry, process, and technology expertise helps reduce implementation risk and time.
We know software. We build it, integrate and enhance it, maintain it and support it—meeting our clients' needs with the right technology solution. We develop Web applications, Mobile applications, Website and Desktop applications.

Software Application Development

Application Development and Maintenance Services from Blumaes offer the full scope of services to improve your return on IT investment.
Organizations are increasingly reliant on their applications to deliver superior customers service to their customers and ultimately attain high performance. When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are correspondingly high. Organizations need to know how soon an application will deliver value, how stable it will be and that its maintenance costs will be minimized while changes are made quickly.
Blumaes offers Application Development and Maintenance Services that can offer the full scope of services—development, implementation and ongoing management. Our factory model offers a robust and industrialized approach for both new and existing applications across a variety of platforms and technologies.
We can help clients improve their return on IT investment:
• We drive measurable improvements in product quality, reducing defect density; increase development productivity; and deliver on-time and on-budget timely.
• We improve productivity while reducing costs by as much as possible.
• We help realize more application availability, reduction in trouble tickets and up to 100 percent efficiency in processing backlogs.

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